Cargomatch is a worldwide tech company with european roots

A large part of our DNA is curiosity and adaptability to new technologies and behavioral changes in the market. We provide IT solutions for carriers that create more business and safe transparency between customer and supplier.

Cargomatch was founded in Denmark in 2012, but is today developed and operated worldwide.

The perfect balance between technology and users

In structured communications, transparency and strong network we believe. We’ve developed a platform for clever and simple matchmaking and made it possible for every independent professional transport provider, worldwide, to offer his spare capacity in a way, where consumers gets price transparency and access to safe and low cost transport services, for goods.

When we connect a transporter, who’s already driving a route but still has extra load capacity, with a customer who needs to have something transported on the same route, its a perfect match! The transporter raises his earnings and the customer gets a (much) lower price for the transport task. Whether you use the quotation service or the on demand function to hire a transporter you’ll get access to existing ressources with high service, to a reduced cost. What’s not to like?

The perfect balance between technology and human
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